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Serious learning to update your medical knowledge does not have to be put-you-to-sleep drudgery or cross-your-eyes confusion. And yet that is what far too many courses by “experts” put you through as they drone on and on about their specialty area and load you down with what is often a lot of complex and superfluous data that is not neatly tailored to your real learning needs. You need something better.


A-Cross Medicine Reviews brings you a far more sensible and effective approach. We focus on presenting only the straightforward, to-the-point learning you need based on sound medical practice guidelines. We do not weigh you down with extraneous material just because it happens to be a favorite topic of ours or because we are so in love with how things are done at “our institution.” Our only “favorite topics” are the topics we know you need us to cover for you.


The result of this tightly focused approach to learning means you learn what you need to know in less time. And because you are not having to rummage through irrelevant information to digest the substance you really need, you also retain what you learn more readily and firmly.


We are 100% serious about meeting your defined learning needs. But we also know the old saying is true that all work and no play makes things pretty dull pretty quick. So we purposely offer you our courses in settings renowned for great leisure activities, and we bring you manageable half-day lecture schedules that let you enjoy those activities. When you check out our locations and schedules, you’ll quickly see what we mean. Currently we have courses in Sonoma/Napa Valley, Ski Resorts, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Walt Disney World, Southern California, San DiegoUniversal Studios Orlando, HoustonFlorida beaches, and Summer Mountain Resorts with more locations on the way!


A-Cross Medicine Reviews comes to you from presenters with proven track records, having a combined 30 years of experience in formulating and condensing medical learning content for accurate focus. Plus, they use engaging presentation styles that optimize knowledge retention. No wonder they’ve consistently earned rave reviews. Read about them under the Faculty tab.    

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